About the Author - Greg Martin

I was born in San Francisco in 1967 and grew up in Marin County in the small town of San Anselmo.  I graduated from Drake High School in 1985.  In 1991, I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in civil engineering and a few years later received my civil engineering license. I went to work as a civil engineer. In 1999 I went through an emotionally traumatic event and became ill with undiagnosable pain.  Through the process of understanding my injury, my own beliefs regarding the medical system were shattered. I became more open to giving any idea a chance. In 2006, a doctor from Stanford University Medical Center recommended an approach which included seeking counseling to help relax.   Eventually this led to seeing a traditional therapist, then a non-traditional personal guide, and then setting off on my own mental exploration.  I currently work in Santa Cruz, California, as a civil engineer.  My girlfriend is a pediatrician who serves a disadvantaged population.  This work has helped both of us tremendously.  I enjoy working on this website, working on the house or yard, and keeping up on current events around the world.  We both love surfing, going to the beach, watching movies, eating yummy food, listening to music, and dancing. 


Malyn and I in Lahaina, Maui, 2010